This blog is for you to submit confessions of your favorite youtubers!
(none of these are mine they are all submitted by random people)
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when you see a fine booty in the street but you are with your parents


hey guys! im not inactive i just dont have ANY confessions! so send in some HERE!! i’ll do any youtuber!

I would love to live with Dan and Phil and just stalkerishly watch their dynamics and watch them live their lives.


(Sorry the “Lives” got kinda cut off at the bottom)

Send more here!

Hey guys! It’s been a few days since ive gotten a confession!! So send me some here!

I really wish Joey and Meghans Roar Lip Dub was more adult like. It semmes a little too childish with the tiger and stuff. Just a personal opinion.


(I agree with you 100 percent, anon. I think it could be so much better without the tiger and stuff like that uvu)

Hey guys I’m gonna be on this blog alllll day so send me some confessions about your favorite youtubers or maybe even least favorite!!